Today is delicious Tuesday! I am so excited because I just found out that my sister-in-law and her friend are heading out to LA for the weekend. I have got tons of free fun planned (a la Getty Center and the LA Zoo) and some not-so-free fun too. I have been dying to go to this Tunisian restaurant in Hollywood - Moun of Tunis. You get to kick back on the floor, eat with your hands, savor some great wine, and watch belly dancers - what more could you ask for?! I think it is a bit pricy, but I haven't bought groceries all week so that we could go. Oh wait, it is only Tuesday, isn't it? Well, we have raman and if it was good enough in college it can do for a week now, right?

Today, I investigated some other LA blogs and much to my surprise I found out that there are some really interesting folks out there! You go ahead and interpret the word "interesting" how ever you would like in some of these cases! ;)
Anyway, here are a few you really have to visit...
http://whatonearth.blogspot.com/ (really cute blog!)
http://darko.blogspot.com/ (very scary - that poor cat!)
http://www.mischiefmaker.com/fishbowl/ (another really cute blog with some great change-out page layout skins)
http://www.fibiger.org/ (really good site from another recent LA transplant)

Okay, what is the deal with Marina del Rey? We have been living here for like five months and each and every day (I swear) the over 55 portion of the MDR population doubles. I have never seen so many wheelchairs outside of a hospital. I guess since we had like a day to find an apartment, that is what we get. The up-side is that it is quiet, but that's the down-side too. I am never going to meet people my own age and I am so not into bingo. What to do, what to do!?


Well, it has been awhile since I last posted and I've been busy! We've had an influx of friends and family come to visit over the past few weeks - soaking up the California sun since it is getting cool everywhere else. Things are blissfully quiet this week though. On the job front, I have had several very successful interviews over the past few weeks - none of which have resulted in my getting an offer, but I am still very hopeful that something will happen soon. If any of you out there are in need of a marketing communications professional, drop me a line! I will need my own office, assistant, staff, expense account, and perhaps a driver or helicopter pilot at my disposal - isn't that how it works in Hollywood? I've already paid my dues, I swear! ;)

Of course yesterday was Halloween and I missed my pre-L.A. friends so much! Every year for the past seven, my husband and I have hosted an outrageous costume party for all of our friends. No such event this year and I am mourning the loss. Then, to top it off, our apartment complex is so NOT children friendly (which is generally fine with us right now since we don't have any) that we didn't get one single trick-or-treater. Bummer.

So, what did I do with my evening? I watched "Friends" with my husband. No, actually my husband was at work late, so I watched the first half of the show by myself and the last half with him asking me questions about the first half. Sounds annoying, but it was actually cute. He is too cute to be annoyed with! Case in point...He called me on his way home from work to tell me that he heard it through the grapevine that the cast of "Friends" was going to be at Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Blvd. ringing in the Halloween holiday. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get dressed up, get out on the town, and see some famous people in the flesh. I figured hubby would agree because why else would he have called to tell me about it. Alas, hubby thought it would be even better to just watch them on the tele. So, I settled in with a bottle of wine and drank until I thought they were in the room with us. Hubby really didn't appreciate being called Joey all evening long, but at least I was amused!


Today is a great day! The sun is shining and I am still flying high from having seen the "O-Face" guy from the movie Office Space in line at the supermarket yesterday! Aside from Scott Foley, the "O-Face" guy is the first famous person I've seen since moving to La La Land! Today I am going to save some money by going to the library - maybe I will get some books that will teach me something new and useful, like sign-language or Italian. I can start telling people that -- yes I am out of work, but I've been using my time wisely by improving myself! I think Oprah and Dr. Phil would approve, don't you! ;)


Well, it has been awhile since my last posting. I have been a busy gal! I was a smoker when I moved to LA, but it just doesn't seem worth it. I was never one of those nasty-wrinkled smokers -- I was more your cosmopolitian, twenty-something, social smoker. However, besides being deadly, it is a truly expensive habit out here! So, for the sake of long-life and a better balance in my checkbook, I've given up the habit. I did it cold-turkey a few days after my first posting -- which is likely why I haven't written since. I've been too busy yelling at old people and kicking cats. ;)

So, one bad habit down, a few hundred to go, right?!

I still haven't been offered a job. Not for lack of trying -- I practically LIVE on monster.com and I've had a few interviews, but nada yet. I am still trying to sell the house in Dallas, so I am pretty broke. Thank God the sun is free in California! As you can imagine, my life has changed pretty dramatically over the past few months. Back in Dallas (when I had a great job), I used to be name-brand snob, but I have now learned the great value of buying generic at the grocery store. Instead of dropping tons of cash at Barnes & Noble, I got a library card. Instead of $200 haircuts/blowouts/colors, I go to the place around the corner and pay $15 and blow it out myself (this is just one of the many reasons I don't share my name -- I am still working on being okay with this. On a happy note, my hair still looks great though!)! Instead of buying my hair products at the salon, I am getting them at the grocery store (this one also still hurts each time I do it). Instead of manicures and pedicures, I parted with my fake "Dallas" nails and now paint my own nails (with clear because no one in LA seems to like color except J.Lo). Instead of the theatre, I go watch television shows be taped (can you believe it's free?)! Instead of shopping online, I now have items listed on E-bay in order to make some cash (click the link to the left and help me pay my bills!). I can't tell you how many cute things I have passed up on shopping trips with friends because I really don't need them -- that never stopped me before. Instead of going out to eat, I am teaching myself to cook dinner so that we save $$$.

It has been hard, but I actually feel great about it! I am excited to now have a greater understanding and appreciation for $$ and the fact that you have to plan and save in case you don't have it. I've also learned that there is a real difference between "want" and "need". I "need" cat food -- I "want" HBO (ahhhh, but I miss "Six Feet Under" and "Sex In the City")!


Here it is...my first posting. As for introductions -- of course I don't know who the heck you are, but I am a twenty-something gal living in La-La land (that's Los Angeles to you outta-towners) -- just trying to grow up with some dignity, earn a decent living, and carve out a life that will blow all of my friends and family member's minds! Aren't we all?!

Well, these days I'm not blowing many minds, so I would just settle for bringing a smile to my own face by getting through the day! My profession is irrelevant at this point in the story because I moved to LA for love and hence quit my nice, steady, well-paying job in Texas. Yes, I up and moved out of my fairly new house for my true love when he was offered the "job of a lifetime" in Los Angeles. What a gal, right? Yeah, I know -- but thanks for saying it anyway!

For any of you who are interested (and I'm assuming you are since you're still reading), you can come along on my journey as I try to start my new life, find a job, sell my house in Texas, and work toward the goal of living my life for myself and not caring so much if anyone else's mind is getting blown! ;)